All hot tubs come with chimney protection, stairs, side table, wooden paddle for stirring (if combined SPA or Air-bubble massage systems not selected), fiberglass cover lid (if insulated cover not selected)

Combined Spa massage system

Perfect for those who seek the maximum effect. This system consists of a combination of 8 water jets with a powerful motor of 1,1 kW and 12 air-bubble jets with 0,7 kW motor. The advantages of two systems at once allow a truly remarkable effect!

Air-bubble massage system

This system consists of 12 individual jets and a powerful motor of 0.7 kW air massage system. Air bubble massage is particularly effective at boosting skin blood circulation, improving the skin’s oxygen and nutrient supply, and affecting the subcutaneous fat and muscle layer.

Sand filtration system

This system is designed to clean the tub water from various deposits – fine debris, dirt, etc., which negatively affect water quality. The system does not require very frequent water changes – it is sufficient to filter the water. Important note – the hot tub can not be used during filtration.

LED illumination

Modern, eye-pleasing  RGB color LED illumination – an important detail for a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

Insulated cover

The insulated lid can accelerate the heating process by up to 30% in winter. It can also preserve the heat in the hot tub after use, so that heating will go significantly faster the next day. It is foldable in the centre for ease of use and storage.


Due to its high durability, dimensional stability and thermal properties, Thermowood is a very good choice for exterior cladding. Thermowood retains its shape and is resistant to changing climate conditions. Even more, the thermally preserved wood is resistant to decay.

Canadian Red Cedar

Canadian Red Cedar timber is regarded highly for its durability, coloring and appearance, smell, resistance to decay, and weight.

Head Rests

Make your spa experience even more comfortable and relaxing lean back and rest your head on the ergonomic hot tub pillow. Comes in a set of 4 so that you and your friends could enjoy it. Waterproof and easy to clean.