Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Choose your hot tub model as well as the accessories you would like to include. Add your chosen product to your basket.

  2. Select your preferred payment method. Then enter your contact and delivery details, submit your order.

  3. Our team will update you to confirm the payment, production and dispatch of your hot tub.

  4. Our transport partner will contact you in advance to agree on a convenient delivery date.

The current lead time is 3-4 weeks. Occasionally in production heavy periods manufacturing and delivery time may escalate up to 5-6 weeks.

All hot tubs are delivered free of charge in UK Mainland. Additional transport fee apply for hot tub shipments to Scottish Highlands, Ireland.

Scottish Highlands & Ireland
-Please contact us to get a quote.

Absolutely, wood-fired hot tub is designed to withstand even extreme weather conditions, it can be used all year round! 

We made sure that our hot tubs require as minimum assembly work as possible. Most important thing to do is to ensure that the hot tub is standing on an even surface. Other then that you will have to attach the flue with the heat guard and screw in the side table in the desired location. This will be super easy to do by following the user manual which comes with your hot tub.

In the summer season, water heating can take up to 2 hours. In winter, you will need 2-3 hours.

Water heating time depends on the weather conditions, the temperature of the water inside, and the chosen firewood type. Accessories such as hot tub insulation and insulated cover will speed up the heating process significantly.

Yes! As all natural wood does. If you want to maintain the original color of the wooden hot tub clear coat that has some brown pigment could be used every 2-3 years.

The hot tub will arrive packaged sideways on a standard Euro pallet. The courier will unload the hot tub on the kerbside but he won’t be able to help you with final placement or installation in your garden. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead as to how you will move the hot tub to it’s final position.

  1. Ensure kerbside access for a delivery vehicle to unload your hot tub.

  2. Arrange 4-5 adults to help you carry the wood-fired hot tub to it’s final location.

  3. Arrange a crane if you need to lift your hot tub over a roof.

We accept bank transfers, PayPal, Credit or Debit cards, cash on delivery (pay 10% deposit)

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All Spa Hot Tubs products come with two-year warranty. This doesn’t apply to wooden products/parts/components due to the nature of the product.

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Yes, water should be drained after each use in cold season. Letting the water freeze may damage fiberglass interior, which could cause it to leak.

We recommend changing the water every 2-3 uses. Although, if you are choosing hot tub with sand filtration system you will be able to use the water for a longer period of time.

For the best results choose wood with low moisture and high energy density. We recommend using dry birch wood, which burns at higher temperature then most firewood and heats up your water fastest.
Do not use any other solid fuels then firewood! Due to higher temperatures it can damage the heater.

Water temperature can be regulated simply by pouring cold water to your hot tub also by closing or half-way closing the air intake valve. For the best results we recommend gradually adding the firewood to the heater.