Luxury Fiberglass Hot Tub

£5,119.00 £4,339.00

Included Features:

  • Canadian Red Cedar finishing
  • Combined SPA massage system
  • LED illumination
  • Sand filtration system
  • Grade 316 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel belts
  • Hot tub insulation

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Fiberglass hot tub with wood finishing
Stainless steel heater with chimney and chimney protection (with internal heater)
Fiberglass inside benches
Outlet valve for water outflow
2-year warranty
Comes with:
Stairs, mini-bar, wooden paddle, fiberglass cover lid


Internal diameter: 180 cm
External diameter: 200 cm
Internal height: 85 cm
Water volume:
  • Integrated heater – 1400 L
  • External heater – 1500 L
People capacity (6-8 people)
Stainless steel (Grade 304) wood burning integrated
heater with chimney and metal chimney protection
(free with integrated heater)

Combined SPA massage system

Perfect for those who seek the maximum effect. This system consists of a combination of 8 water jets with a powerful motor of 1,1 kW and 12 air-bubble jets with 0,7 kW motor. The advantages of two systems at once allow a truly remarkable effect!

Electrical heater

Power up to 6kW, smoke-free, making it suitable for indoor use.

Insulated cover

15-centimeter polyester warmed.

Air-bubble massage system

This system consists of 12 individual jets and a powerful motor of 0.7 kW air massage system. Air bubble massage is particularly effective at boosting skin blood circulation, improving the skin’s oxygen and nutrient supply, and affecting the subcutaneous fat and muscle layer.

Sand filtration system

This system is designed to clean the tub water from various deposits – fine debris, dirt, etc., which negatively affect water quality. The system does not require very frequent water changes – it is sufficient to filter the water. Important – the tub can not be used during filtration

Tent cover for hot tub

Isolation for hot tub inside use.

Grade 304 stainless steel

Stainless steel is non-magnetic. In general, this grade is more resistant to various solutions but wood treatments affecting water’s pH should be avoided.

Grade 316 stainless steel

Stainless steel is non-magnetic. It has the best corrosion resistant properties and is chlorine friendly.

LED illumination

Modern, eye-pleasing 8GB RGB color LED illumination – an important detail for a cozy, relaxing atmosphere

Hot tub insulation

Water temperature is maintained for a longer period.


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